1. Sogni digitali Luca Mauceri 0:42
  2. Strepsiade Luca Mauceri 0:42
  3. Le bianche nuvolette Luca Mauceri 0:41
  4. Le nuvole Luca Mauceri 0:43
  5. Asini digitali Luca Mauceri 0:42

The Story

From the comedy of Aristophanes rewritten by Valentina Ferrante, national debut at the ancient theater of Segesta for the festival of the Dionysiacs on August 19, 2017, I composed these ironic, dazed, mysterious musics, evanescent just like clouds. Some songs, whose text was written by Federico Fiorenza, enrich this record and give a strong tone of lightness.

Luca Mauceri, Banned Theatre - Le nuvole (backstage 2017)

Le nuvole

Artist :
Title : Le nuvole
Release Date : 14 February 2018
Label :
Format : Digital Download