1. Havel havalìm 0:49
  2. Casa Ipatiev 0:49
  3. Dickens e il lampione 0:49
  4. Ballata di Eluana Englaro 0:48
  5. Epitaffio di Sicilo 0:48


Text by Guido Ceronetti – Music by Luca Mauceri

SULLE ROTTE DEL SOGNO (On the routes of dream) is the title of the musical work released at the end of January 2011. It is a tribute to the writer, poet, theatrist Guido Ceronetti on the occasion of the fortieth anniversary of his Teatro dei Sensibili. My long collaboration with Guido has given life to numerous music, intermezzos, reworkings, folk ballads on his texts that will find a big space in the project. Almost all the songs recorded on the album have never been recorded or published and until today there was no audio support that collected music and ballads by Guido Ceronetti. The operation is therefore of great value with regard to the documentation and the artistic testimony of one of the best minds of our time. The album, which lasts about an hour, features a group of musicians and actors of the Teatro dei Sensibili and above all the extraordinary participation of Guido Ceronetti himself, who read some beloved texts. The cover of the album was created by the extraordinary artist Giosetta Fioroni, who in the past has given to the Teatro dei Sensibili some of his best figurative works for posters, photos and props.


Sulle rotte del sogno

Artist :
Title : Sulle rotte del sogno
Release Date : 5 September 2010
Label :
Format : CD