INTO THE LIGHT official video is finally online. His long gestation has come to an end. Filmed entirely in London (UK) by an Italian team it’s a collaboration between Luca and Andrea Gambadoro, friend and director of the videoclip.

A few years ago I put together a small group of people to film a music video for an amazing italian composer and friend Luca Mauceri. I was able, thanks to Antonio Pilade to find a great location and to have him collaborating in filming and lighting. And had the luck to find by friends of friends Maria Vittoria Feltre that jumped on board with enthusiasm and that brought all her dancing experience to put on dance my ideas. Many things went on the way since then, from work commitment to computer suddenly dead, and with the time going on the project was put apart… but after all that work and the effort of all the other people involved, I dig it back and nevertheless, probably because of the experience gained since then and the different equipment and knowledge, I would have done many things differently, I anyway decided to finally edit it. And a few years later… here it is. 

Andrea Gambadoro – Director

Music Luca Mauceri

Dancer Maria Vittoria Feltre

Camera Antonio Pilade and Andrea Gambadoro

Idea, Director and Video Editor Andrea Gambadoro