1. Into the light Luca Mauceri 0:50
  2. Lunaria Luca Mauceri 0:50
  3. Newborn Luca Mauceri 0:50
  4. The embrace Luca Mauceri 0:50
  5. The room of memories Luca Mauceri 0:50

The Story

This record is for me a return to the essence of my compositions and to my way of being a musician. I sat in front of the piano, after a couple of years of work in the world of soundtracks with more complex and thick orchestrations, to find the simplicity, to rediscover the place from which everything has always begun. In this album there are compositions of the past and unpublished pieces in a happy cohabitation where even old melodies acquire new light and sound very different from previous versions. Fifteen minimal instrumental songs, fifteen small meditations for solo piano. A kind of photograph of my soul in this moment of life.

Luca Mauceri - Essence: the making of 2016


Artist :
Title : Essence
Release Date : 1 January 2017
Label :
Format : CD