1. Newborn Luca Mauceri 1:08
  2. Dreams in the air Luca Mauceri 1:08
  3. Ancora in viaggio Luca Mauceri 1:09
  4. Messer Lunato Luca Mauceri 1:09
  5. Promenade Luca Mauceri 1:09

The Story

The Parish breaths in the night, hundreds of people waiting, I feel my heart beating wildly and I say to myselfit’s time to begin this journey. Then I start playing and give way to the emotion and I am full of joy. This album came about through a gathering and all that it brings into my life. Romena came to me in the right moment, fading deeply into my soul with all the love and tenderness but even with all the passion and strength that a human being can give. From that time this special place and its people live inside my heart, smile to me, remind me that a better way of life is possible and I’m not alone on this path…

Behind the Scene


Artist :
Title : Romena
Release Date : 1 December 2014
Label :
Format : CD